Sell Your Practice



You’ve worked hard to build your successful practice, and no doubt have many concerns/apprehensions associated with selling your business. Hearing Health USA understands that, and as a general rule, wants to continue and build on what you’ve done to make your practice thrive. Essentially, in many cases we’d prefer for you to stay on (if you wish) and do it just as successfully as you have. For the most part, we would keep your business name and the solid business practices you’ve designed, but we would fully handle all administrative, marketing, financial, IT and HR tasks, so you could focus mainly on serving your patients. And isn’t that what you originally set out to do all those years ago?


Hearing Health USA can assure you of market competitive pricing for your practice. Its two directors have extensive industry knowledge and experience and uniquely understand the steps involved for a successful and partnering transition, as we’ve personally integrated many acquired businesses over the years. We greatly respect the success you’ve created and achieved, and we’re prepared to pay you fairly for it – and keep your legacy alive.


The process is quite simple. There are generally 7 steps from start to finish:

  • We sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement. You then complete a short questionnaire and submit it to us along with your last 3 years’ tax returns
  • We conduct a financial analysis, and you receive a written offer
  • You consider and accept the offer (or we discuss questions to reach acceptance)
  • Hearing Health USA performs its due diligence within the established period
  • Hearing Health USA composes the Purchase Agreement (final contract)
  • Both parties sign the Purchase Agreement
  • You receive the PAYOUT… it’s that simple!

The entire process generally takes about 6-8 weeks.